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    Bigger and Thicker Vape Clouds Can Be Yours

    Whenever you see someone vaping and giving out thick and bulkier clouds, you keep wishing you could do the same. Vaping is a skill that can be learned over time and the more you practice it, the better you get. Practicing the below steps should take you to the next level of your cloud chasing endeavors. Also, this detailed breakdown of how you can take your cloud chasing to the next level and be one of the vapers who is admired by others is excellent knowledge to have.

    Selection of the E-Juice

    It is very important for vapers to take note that the type of e-juice used affects the type of clouds being produced out. E-juices are made up of both VG and PG in most instances, as well as flavoring and for the most part nicotine. VG is used to bring out the vapor while PG enhances the throat hits. If the intention of the vaper is to solely chase after the clouds, using an e-liquid with a larger VG content would serve this purpose. The vape juices are available in many varieties and one can be able to even get one with 100% VG solely. This type of juice gives you thicker and bulkier clouds. It is, however, important to note that the more the VG content, the lesser the flavor and the harsher the throat hit.

    Amount of Power and MOD Being Vaped With

    Scientifically speaking, the hotter it becomes, the more the molecules move around. With that in mind, it is logical that in a vaping scenario, increasing the device's power will lead to a quicker vaporization of the e-liquid. If you are looking for more clouds, increasing your power levels and using a low resistance coil will give this effect because, as the e-liquid vaporizes, the more the clouds become thicker. To make the clouds, even more denser, choose a MOD that has a coil that is of low resistance, less than 1-Ohm. The combination gives excellent results.

    When the e-liquid is vaporized quickly, it means more vapor can be produced and depending on how you vape it, the clouds become bigger. It is important that when selecting a device, you select one that has a low resistance coil or one which you can switch the coils at your convenience. Additionally, when selecting your device, choose one with a battery that has a higher voltage to give you an enhanced vaping experience as a cloud chaser.

    Adjusting the Airflow

    You need to increase the amount of airflow in your atomizer. This automatically means that more air is flowing through the coil. When air flows through the coil, it condenses the air quickly, which therefore means more vapor for you. Additionally, since the air is cooling the vapor, it is more comfortable to vape and will reduce the chances of burning your wick. As the air flows in, it pushes more vapor out. The more the air passes through the coil, the more the opportunity for more vapor to be produced.

    Type of Atomizer Used

    For cloud chasers, an RDA is a go to. The rebuildable dripping atomizer gives a chance to the cloud chasers to create their own coils and connect them to the tanks. This type of atomizer is also widely known as a dripper because it enables the e-liquid to drip on the coils during use.

    The Mechanism of Inhaling and Exhaling

    As much as all the above tips will help you better your clouds, without the know-how on how to inhale and exhale, cloud chasing will remain a dream. Inhalation and exhalation should take place slowly, fast vaping will give you thinner clouds. Having a backward posture, a deep inhalation, and a slow exhalation will give you denser and bulkier clouds.


    If you are looking to becoming better at cloud chasing, using the proper temperature, coils, and batteries is a start. Furthermore, adjusting your airflow and vaping style will enhance the clouds. Every vaper has their own niche, so make sure you try out different e-juices with various VG levels. Find what works best for you and gives you just what you are looking for. As you better your cloud chasing techniques, you may want to keep an eye on the vaping competitions that take place. There are some awesome clouds that are produced during the competitions that you can use as inspirations as you cloud chase your way to the top.



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